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Frida is a seasoned marketer dedicated to driving business growth through insights and strategic thinking. She has over 16 years of experience advising brand, communications, and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies to drive growth and innovation. She has a proven track record of leading teams toward delivering high-quality and impactful client results, achieving exceptional client satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Frida is well-versed in complex quantitative research and advanced analytics such as choice-based conjoint analysis, multivariate regression, and factor analysis. She has a knack for transforming intricate information into user-friendly frameworks, compelling narratives, and actionable insights that address critical business challenges.

Frida’s experience in working with clients includes market sizing, competitive and trend analysis, creative testing, concept testing, pricing and product design, brand positioning, brand extension, brand architecture, brand health tracking, strategic partnerships and sponsorships, touchpoint analysis, and consumer segmentation.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Frida brings a unique perspective shaped by diverse cultural experiences. She is passionate about exploring different viewpoints and embracing diversity, both personally and professionally. Outside of work, Frida is a world traveler and food adventurer. Recently, she has embraced running as a new challenge, lacing up her shoes and exploring the paths of endurance.

Strategic Partner, Brand & Insights

Frida Chen

Frida Chen
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