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Geetu has over two decades of experience as a strategist collaborating closely with business leaders from diverse industries, encompassing both B2C and B2B sectors. Her primary focus is guiding these leaders in the thoughtful positioning of their brands to effectively convey their value propositions and differentiators. Geetu's broad background, spanning Harvard Business School, McKinsey, and WPP, equips her with a holistic strategic approach that seamlessly merges with creative marketing challenges. Geetu has worked with large Fortune 500 brands, including companies such as Google, Cognizant and Ann Taylor, to address challenges including brand transformation, brand extension, and measuring marketing return on investment. She has experience harnessing data and analytics to drive brand growth, ensuring that strategic decisions are grounded in robust quantitative insights.

Geetu also brings a unique perspective gained from her years on the client side, having worked in the retail and media sectors. She recognizes how aligning brand and marketing strategies with business operations, including product development, sales, and finance, is indispensable to sustainable business success. Geetu has advised multiple growth-stage companies, guiding them from brand inception to positioning and product pricing and packaging decisions, employing a comprehensive approach to nurture emerging brands. Furthermore, Geetu maintains her connection to innovation by participating in angel investing, where she learns from and supports young, forward-thinking brands leveraging the leading edge in marketing practices and technologies.

Beyond her professional life, Geetu enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters. Her personal interests encompass tennis, yoga, and travel. Geetu actively engages with organizations dedicated to the education of underrepresented children. She volunteers her time and serves as an advisor to the board of two nonprofits, aiding them in the development and enhancement of their brands and driving their missions forward.

Strategic Partner, Brand & Insights

Geetu Bedi

Geetu Bedi
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