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Kirk is a sports marketing expert, with a focus on fans, affinity and the economics of sports. Kirk conducts fan research on partnerships, pricing, promotions, sportscape, service, and anything else that can help explain why fans do what they do. He is an acclaimed author and has published on how to value and build sports sponsorships and the value of passion. He has built an evaluation tool that can evaluate the productivity of any professional sponsorship, from the perspective of the brand or the sports property.

Kirk is a coach, he is earnest and caring, focusing on how to help people be their best. At Baylor University, Dr. Kirk Wakefield is the Edwin W. Streetman Professor of Retail Marketing and the Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Center for Sports Strategy & Sales (S3).

Kirk is a regular contributor to Forbes and supporter of his kids, grand kids and every student that has graced his classroom. Kirk inspires passion while measuring it among fans!

Strategic Partner, Sports & Sponsorships

Kirk Wakefield

Kirk Wakefield
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