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Lisa Walters is a retail expert, highly sought after on Wall Street for her qualitative performance analysis of companies within the retail and consumer industries. She has extensive retail and consumer knowledge and experience garnered from visiting and analyzing over 75,000 stores in various locations in North America and Europe. Her insight and analysis on consumer behavior, retailer and brand growth strategies, store and digital innovation opportunities delve into the long-term relevancy of the retail and apparel sector.

Lisa is a fortuneteller, seeing and anticipating trends others may miss. She is very observant and thoughtful about the implications for today, next week, next season and next year. She has the intuition to help businesses understand the jump from micro to macro effects, is consumer centric in her approach on how retailers and brands should evolve and offers ideas on ways to change the future.

In addition to serving as a Strategic Advisor at basc partners, Lisa is a successful entrepreneur with significant experience in the financial services and retail and apparel sectors. She is the founder and CEO of Retail Eye, a highly respected independent equity research firm, as well as founder of a bridal shop, dog bakery and men’s DTC apparel brand. She is the CEO of her household of 3 + dog Tucker and lives in Albany, NY.

Strategic Partner, Retail & Consumer

Lisa Walters

Lisa Walters
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