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Marika is an accomplished brand strategist with 30+ years of experience and successes. She works to
make brands believable – whether products, services, or corporate reputations – using a tailored
blend of classic CPG marketing tenets and innovative digital tools.
Marika led brand teams at Mattel, Hanes/Champion, and BP and has consulted for a broad array of
corporations and nonprofits. She is a respected team leader, known for developing cross-functional
relationships and working collaboratively to deliver results. She uses research to gain a deep insight
into the target market, builds those insights into an actionable strategy that generates a behavioral
change, and puts that strategy to work using a mix of marketing methods. She’s tackled brand
campaigns as wide-ranging as bp’s Gulf spill response and tourism support, US Olympic/Paralympic
sponsorships, national and regional economic impact and advocacy campaigns, and local charitable
rebrandings. Marika has an acute ability to shift between detailed analytics/insights and big picture
perspective, enabling companies to meet emerging challenges while maintaining the heritage that
made them successful.
Marika lives on Seabrook Island, a barrier island near Charleston, South Carolina. She loves the
ability to merge the top-notch food and culture of Charleston with year-round tennis and golf on the

Strategic Partner, Branding and Campaigns

Marika Michaels

Marika Michaels
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