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Nisha is a seasoned marketing strategist offering insight-led brand, product and advertising strategy to storied brands on the Fortune 500. With both client-side and agency experience, Nisha focuses on nimble strategy that is empathetic to client-side needs. Prior to founding Basc Partners, Nisha was Head of Global Brand Research at MetLife where she was part of the select team leading MetLife’s global brand transformation. Nisha also held progressive roles leading marketing strategy teams within the WPP network

Nisha a doer par excellence with a deep sense of accountability and respect. She listens, considers and speaks her mind, all with a perfect tempo. Clients have confidence that Nisha will not only meet the deadline but exceed expectations. She has the experience and dedication to welcome on any team.

Nisha is an avid outdoor adventurer and has hiked on every continent on this planet, except Antarctica! She is willing to take calculated risks to enjoy the views at the summit. She is loyal and careful, the type of person you would be happy to share a rope with during the dangerous attempt across the icefields. Nisha lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.

Founding Partner

Nisha Yadav

Nisha Yadav
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