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Susan Ochs is an entrepreneurial leader with deep experience across the financial sector, as both a practitioner and policymaker. She has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the financial services systems as she has led initiatives from inside Wall Street and inside government.

Susan is the facilitator. Bringing together different viewpoints and expertise from corporate, government and non profits to find best path forward. She has expertise delivering insights, advising on corporate strategy, culture, branding and communications, and building initiatives to effect positive social change. She is a patient but active listener who is thoughtful with her approach and assessments. She always considers both sides of an argument and appreciates challenging ideas, which she crafts into a solution that can be accepted by all.

Susan is a seasoned public speaker, corporate trainer and TV commentator.  She moves across a continuum from friend to consultant to tv industry expert effortlessly while sharing the interesting nuggets and collecting insights to use in the future. She has a balanced view of the world, often splitting time between the US and Europe with friends and family.

Strategic Partner, Financial Services

Susan Ochs

Susan Ochs
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